Drug Policy Futures, in cooperation with World Federation Against Drugs and European Cities for Drug Free Societies, released the Drug Policy Report on November 5 at the Centros de Integración Juvenil's 17th International Congress on Addiction in Mexico City.

Drug Policy Futures is a global network for a new drug policy debate based on health.
We believe in an open dialogue on the strengths and weaknesses of global drug policies. We advocate for evidence-based strategies to promote public health, safety and the wellbeing of society, including those addicted to drugs and their families.

In 2014, Drug Policy Futures published the Ten Points Declaration outlining the principles that should guide drug policy. Today in November 5 2015, we are developing these principles in a report that provides practical examples of what is being done to counter the drugs problem in various part of the world.

This report combines theoretical arguments on drug policy with practical hands-on perspectives from the grassroots level on how drug control should be implemented in practice. The report covers many dimensions of the drug problem providing ample evidence on a variety of successful drug policies which fit under the umbrella of the existing UN drug conventions. 

As the world prepares for UNGASS, we need to move beyond simplistic calls for legalization of drugs and policies that emulate the public health disaster of tobacco and alcohol. We also should avoid inaction or turning a blind eye to the problems that drug control inadvertently has produced. 

It is our belief that:
- Contemporary drug control should address harms caused by drugs as well as the drug trade.
- Contemporary drug control should have prevention of drug use as its primary aim.
- Contemporary drug control should rest upon available research and evidence-based policies that protect the health and safety of drug-users, their families, and the wider community.

29 authors have contributed to this report. They are a mix of representatives from NGO´s, scholars and practitioners from all over the world.

The report is availbale for downloading at Drug Policy Futre's website.